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ALPINE to expand Berlin airport


ALPINE to expand Berlin airport

Berlin Airports have awarded ALPINE the contract to build the north and south piers at Berlin airport.

This is the second project awarded to this Ferrovial subsidiary in the context of the expansion of Berlin airport; last year it won the contract to build the new railway link.

The new contract includes construction of the north and south low-cost piers, each measuring 220-240 metres in length, which link directly to the main concourse.

The project is part of the contract to build the new passenger terminal. The new terminal facilities will have a total floor area of 280,000 square metres. The terminals are built on a total of 800 piles poured on site, with a depth of up to 20 metres.

Construction will use 25 cranes, close to 35.000 tonnes of steel, and approximately 150,000 tonnes of concrete. At peak times, the new terminal alone will employ up to 1,000 workers.

ALPINE Bau Deutschland AG, a subsidiary of the Alpine group, is one of Germany's largest construction companies, where it has 750 employees and 9 regional offices.

The ALPINE Group operates in many countries in Europe and Asia. With 2.595 billion euro in revenues in 2007 and close to 14,300 employees, ALPINE is one of Austria's three largest construction companies. In 2007, ALPINE landed new contracts worth over 3 billion euro.