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Esther Koplowitz Buys Out Ibersuizas and Reinforces B-1998 as FCC's Number-One Shareholder


Esther Koplowitz Buys Out Ibersuizas and Reinforces B-1998 as FCC's Number-One Shareholder

  • The venture capital company sells the Spanish businesswoman 10.55% of B-1998
  • Luis Chicharro leaves the FCC board

Esther Koplowitz has snapped up Ibersuizas Holding's interest in B-1998, which, as owner of 52.483% of Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, is FCC's leading shareholder.
Through her company Dominum Dirección y Gestión, Esther Koplowitz has acquired 10.55% of B-1998, S.L. The transaction will call for a disbursement of 381.5 million euro, casting FCC shares as being worth 55.94 euro apiece.

After the purchase, which was at the Spanish businesswoman's initiative, Ibersuizas Holdings will be leaving the board of B-1998 while Ibersuizas Alfa will be walking from FCC. Luis Chicharro, who is staying as chairman of Cementos Portland Valderrivas, explained, "We decided to take up Esther Koplowitz's offer, because the six-year goals we had set were reached in three; so the investment cycle, linked to the creation of value at FCC, has gone through more than satisfactorily".

With this purchase Esther Koplowitz now controls 83.92% of B-1998, which strengthens her commitment to FCC. The rest of the significant shareholders are sitting on their shares. Several months ago they all received the same offer from Esther Koplowitz and all opted to continue in B-1998, given their long-term investment philosophy and their commitment to FCC's development.

After this deal, the share capital of B-1998 is distributed amongst Esther Koplowitz (83.92%); Simante, represented by Robert Peugeot (5.73%); Larranza XXI (Bodegas Faustino), represented by Lourdes Martínez (5.34%); and Eurocis, represented by José Aguinaga (5.01%). These movements do not imply any variation whatsoever in the distribution of the capital and the control of Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas; this, Esther Koplowitz underlines, "Shows once more the guarantee of stability that it means for the company to have a core shareholder like B-1998".