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FCC to construct the "Caja Mágica" in Madrid


FCC to construct the "Caja Mágica" in Madrid

The Madrid City Council has awarded FCC the construction of the "Caja Mágica" sports complex to be used for tennis, in the Manzanares Parque Lineal area, a contract valued at 100 million euros. Last year the company was awarded the construction of the main roof structure valued at 26.8 millions euros.

The project has been designed by the architect, Dominique Perrault.

The building, which is to be made of steel, wood and glass, will be organized around a single area with three covered stadiums and stands with capacity for 12,000, 3,500 and 2,500 spectators, respectively. There will also be 16 outdoor courts and 5 indoor courts with stands for 500 spectators and 6 indoor training courts.

Perrault's design combines high technology with a respect for the environment. As such, the pavilions will have a protective covering which will change according to the seasons, the light, the temperature and the different sorts of events held there.

Apart from tournaments, these facilities will also house a Tennis School, Federation headquarters and may be used as a High Performance Centre run by the Tennis Federation.

With this project Madrid City Council wishes to provide the city with an example of design and functionality using the latest technological innovations. To this end, the Municipal Land Management Company called upon eight prestigious national and international architects. In 2003, a contract was signed with Perrault to draft the plans and oversee the construction work.

Technical Characteristics:

Built surface: 60,000 m2.

Maximum capacity: 20,500 spectators.

Provisional stands area: Retractable stands to be stored inside the installations thus leaving space for other types of sporting events.

Number of stadiums: one main stadium, designed as a multi-use area with capacity for shows and other sports events; two secondary stadiums; 16 outdoor courts, 5 indoor courts with stands for 500 spectators and 6 indoor training courts.