Internationalisation and revitalisation at the core of the Group's training and development plans

Our programmes are designed to help our employees perform better in their jobs and improve their personal and social skills.

Beyond training: towards a global model of learning

A global company needs a global training model that can preserve and spread the company's know-how, culture and values, and meet its business requirements.

Therefore, FCC is committed to internal training in those areas in which we are specialists and perform with a high level of quality and efficiency. For other knowledge, FCC works with the most prestigious universities and business schools.

At FCC we use new training technologies to share knowledge and experience. This allows us to optimise costs and help to create a more efficient organisation.


The role of training at FCC is seen as a resource that strengthens the development of FCC professionals and shapes the general objectives in the following way:

  • Strengthen the FCC profile
    • Focused on internationalisation
    • Results-orientated
    • Strengthening the profile of FCC junior and middle management
  • Revitalise the organisation
    • Link training programmes to the performance of professionals and the needs of the company
    • Identify and implement mandatory and recommended training programmes

Through specific programmes run by Environmental Services, Water and Infrastructure, the FCC professional can learn all the technical knowledge that is specific to their field of work. This training is organised and run by the different Divisions and is presented in their Training Plans.

In addition, the FCC Talent Management Department organises training that should be core and transversal across all divisions and which has been divided into three types of programmes:

  • FCC high potential employees, junior managers and middle managers
  • FCC culture programmes
  • Cross-functional knowledge


People should be the main protagonists of their own development within a framework of opportunity. Every professional, along with their superiors and the management team, must create ideal development conditions and provide the resources to facilitate the right kind of professional development.

We want to make FCC the best company to work for. Therefore, we are working to offer our staff a professionally challenging environment where they will have access to various career opportunities according to their skills, performance, and the business needs. Combining the needs of FCC, using the best resources available on the market, attracting, motivating, developing and retaining/taking on the best talent, with the expectations of its employees', allowing them to work for a company that offers opportunities for personal and professional development and acknowledges their contribution in an atmosphere of trust and transparency.