A highly-specialised and diversified team

More than 50,000 professionals benefit from our continuous training policy and international growth opportunities.

Model of Competencies

The People Development department, along with the Heads of HR of the business divisions, has developed a model which defines the five competencies considered key in the FCC Group, which are: Leadership, Teamwork, Negotiation, Results-Orientation, and Responsibility.

A long-term professional career

At FCC we create the right kind of environment to attract, manage, motivate, develop and retain the best professionals.

How do we do it?

We create tools that facilitate global internal mobility, consolidate a culture that focuses on results and implement salary and benefits policies.

We are also strengthening the training processes in our different management areas, promoting performance appraisal systems, introducing systems to analyse potential and developing an organisational structure model based on responsibilities and skills.

Internal mobility

Internal mobility provides FCC with flexibility and develops versatile well-rounded professionals.

It provides employees with opportunities for development, facilitates internal rotation and boosts motivation.