Caring for the safety and health of people

The occupational safety, health and wellness of people both inside and outside the organization, is a priority at FCC. This commitment is reflected in the permanently developed programs and initiatives.

Quality in health and safety management

The strategy for risk prevention extends to all activities of FCC in all countries where it operates and is governed by the criteria and standards of the OHSAS 18001 standard, the certification reaches almost 90% of the workforce. The adaptation of the policy, strategy and manual safety and health management systems of each of the Divisions of the Group allows a necessary homogeneity and an adjustment to the particularities of the various activities and organizations that have expanded the certification progressively.

“0 Accidents”: objective and horizon of prevention management in FCC

Although the goal of zero accidents has already served in specific periods in some of the workplaces and companies, FCC is working to comply in all workplaces where it operates. The typology of the accidents generally comes primarily starring falls, stumbles, sprains and slips (32%), followed by overexertion (25%) and hits (18%), and include the reduction of accidents traffic of the year 2013-2014 by 16%. This reduction meets the lines of action of the Strategic Plan for Road Safety and the commitment of the business areas to reduce traffic accidents and victims on the road, responding to all the work that is being carried out in education and driver training; campaigns; inspection plans and the management of the routes, the fleet of vehicles and mobility, safe and sustainable.

Health and wellness, employees an families values

After several years working on the promotion of healthy workplaces and disease prevention in the Week for Safety and Health held in FCC in April 2014, the overall strategy, FCC launches Healthy Company, with an integrated approach giving business, legal and ethical requirements of the Company and the workers answer. From this strategy, all actions to encourage and promote labor wellness, promoting the participation and development of all persons of concern to the company.

FCC Empresa Saludable is since 2014 a reality inspired to improve safety, health and welfare of people within FCC and affects businesses and communities where services are offered, with a sustainable, responsible and effective management. FCC has also formalized an unwavering commitment to adhering to the Luxembourg Declaration; participation as a partner in the campaign of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work 2014-2015 "Healthy Workplaces, Manage stress" and some department have already got in Spain AENOR certification.

In the aspect of health promotion own medical services have led numerous campaigns and prevention activities and information about diseases and health promotion, besides giving personalized attention detection, monitoring and treatment of various diseases, their work remain key in variables such as absenteeism and disability, and health-related personnel and workplace.

Road Safety Strategic Plan

FCC has a Road Safety Strategic Plan framework that sets out the guidelines to be followed in matters regarding training and information, fleet management and mobility, the treatment of accidents and promote safe behavior through campaigns and similar initiatives.

From this plan the business areas have developed their own action programs that bring the general guidelines and interpret the actual development of the activities. In this way the road safety management has been consolidated in recent years as one of the basic points of preventive management.

Tools like Road Safety internal website is a basic reference to approach the latest news and information surrounding road safety inside and outside the company.