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Aqualia lands three contracts worth over 100 million euro in Castilla & León


Aqualia lands three contracts worth over 100 million euro in Castilla & León

Aqualia, FCC's subsidiary specialised in end-to-end water management, has been awarded three new contracts in Castilla & León worth 100,417,000 euro.

The first contract refers to the sewer mains network and sewage plant in Villadepalos (León), to provide sewage services to the entire Lower Bierzo district, which includes the towns of Ponferrada, Camponaraya, Carracedelo, Villafranca del Bierzo, Congosto and Cacabelos, with an equivalent population of 120,000. This 25-year contract represents a backlog of 98,125,000 euro. Aqualia will also be in charge of water and sewage customer management, and will open an office in Ponferrada for this purpose.

In Valladolid, Aqualia will be in charge of maintaining the bulk water supply installations for the Villalón group of municipalities (approximately 8,000 people). The two-year contract represents a backlog of 442,000 euro.

Peñafiel, the head of the Campo de Peñafiel district in Valladolid province, has renewed the end-to-end water contract with Aqualia for another five years. The renewal represents a backlog of 1,850,000 euro.

These new contracts strengthen Aqualia's footprint in Castilla & León, where it already operates in such cities as Avila, Salamanca, Segovia, Guijuelo, Medina de Campo, La Bañeza, Ciudad Rodrigo, Aranda del Duero and Burgo de Osma.

Aqualia heads the water division of FCC and is the world's third-largest water company. It operates in over 1,100 municipalities worldwide, serving over 27 million people.