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CEMUSA wins site furniture contract in Malaga


CEMUSA wins site furniture contract in Malaga

FCC subsidiary CEMUSA has been awarded, by competitive tender, a 15-year contract with Malaga City Government to supply, install and maintain site furniture in the city and manage advertising on it. The contract is expected to produce 127 million euro in revenues.

Installation of the furniture is envisaged in two distinct phases. The first phase consists of installing 150 bus shelters in new locations, 300 bus-stop markers, and 10 toilets for bus drivers. The second phase, commencing in 2008, will involve refurbishing the 350 existing bus shelters and 350 advertising panels currently installed in Malaga.

As the majority partner in a joint venture with city-owned company PROMALAGA, CEMUSA has had the exclusive contract to exploit site furniture in the city of Malaga since 1989. The newly-awarded contract represents a continuation of the current contract, which expires in December 2007.

Cemusa will continue to provide Malaga citizens with the excellent level of upkeep and service attained to date, as also visible in the city's news-stands, for which Cemusa also has the exclusive advertising contract.

With a population of 600,000, Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol and one of southern Europe's most important tourist and economic enclaves. Malaga ranks as Spain's fifth-largest city in terms of advertising expenditure, behind Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville.

The Malaga contract strengthens CEMUSA's dominant position in site furniture in the Andalucía region, where it has a notable presence in cities such as Seville, Cadiz, Granada and Jerez de la Frontera.

Contract in Barcelona

This FCC subsidiary was also recently awarded a contract by the Port 2000 Management Board to install and exploit site furniture in the Port Vell area of Barcelona.

Port Vell is a landmark for tourists and residents of Barcelona because of its superb location and extensive range of leisure, sporting, cultural and business activities, including Maremagnum, the Catalan History Museum and the Royal Yacht Club.

The contract covers 40 oppi type advertising panels, eight time/temperature displays with advertising, and one bus shelter.

Port 2000 gave CEMUSA a 5-year exclusive contract to manage outdoor advertising on site furniture in the precinct since, in addition to the information panels that it had managed since 2001, CEMUSA now manages the time/temperature displays, which were previously handled by another company.

Combined with advertising on news-stands in the city and the appeal of the Port Vell area to advertisers, this contract greatly enhances CEMUSA's competitive position in Barcelona.

Cemusa is Spain's leading site furniture company and it operates in 110 cities in Europe and the Americas, ranging from Madrid to Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Geneva, Miami, Boston and, more recently, New York and Milan.