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Madrid City awards billboard contract to Clear Channel-Cemusa joint venture


Madrid City awards billboard contract to Clear Channel-Cemusa joint venture

Madrid City Government has awarded a billboard advertising and marketing contract to a joint venture comprising Clear Channel and Cemusa (FCC). The contract is for ten years, with scope for an additional four years. Clear Channel and Cemusa will undertake the project through a 50:50 joint venture formed specifically for this purpose.

All the world's leading outdoor advertising companies bid for this contract.

The project involves installing, maintaining, marketing and exploiting advertising on billboards, road works, and municipal land and sports facilities.

The billboards will provide Madrid with a new range of high-quality advertising media whose visual impact is lower than those currently in existence while offering a much more pleasant view due to the work of prestigious designers such as Tusquets and Giugiaro.

The joint venture is strongly committed to preserving the environment; it will use recycled and recyclable material (both for installation and maintenance, using non-polluting products) and implement measures to save energy and to minimise the furniture's environmental impact, in line with the Madrid City's bylaws on this issue.
Madrid City took an innovative step by awarding the contract to the Clear Channel-Cemusa joint venture, which will install digital advertising displays (a first for Spain, although they are already in use in several US cities and in London).

With this project, Madrid joins the other capital cities of Europe in its concern for the environment and cutting-edge design.


Clear Channel Outdoor is the world's largest outdoor advertising company, with over 870,000 displays in more than 50 countries across 5 continents.  In the last few months, it has obtained site furniture contracts in Washington, Rome, London, Birmingham, Bordeaux and Lille.

Clear Channel is the second-largest outdoor advertising company in Spain, with a presence in the biggest cities and nationwide coverage in four business lines: Billboards, Street Furniture, Point of Sale, and Transit.


Cemusa, an FCC subsidiary, is Spain's leading street furniture company with a presence in 110 cities in 11 countries of Europe and the Americas, operating over 110,000 displays (bus shelters, toilets, news-stands, information panels, etc.).

In addition to the lengthy list of cities where Cemusa operates (including Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Genoa, Miami and Boston), it now operates in New York, where it is installing an exclusive line of street furniture.

Cemusa recently obtained ISO 14001:2004 certification, which ratifies its environmental commitment.