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Zaragoza City Government awards the FCC the contract to build and operate the new tramway


Zaragoza City Government awards the FCC the contract to build and operate the new tramway

  • The bid's most noteworthy aspects included flexibility and adaptation to users' needs, the experience of consortium members and the positive impact on the city and regional economies.
  • The new tramway's technology makes it one of the most modern in Spain, and it will be fully operational in 2013.
  • The consortium is comprised of companies currently operating in the city as well as their close partners, all of which are committed to the future of Zaragoza from here onwards.

The TRAZA consortium, comprised of FCC Construcción, TUZSA, Acciona, CAF, Ibercaja and Concessia has been selected by  Zaragoza's City Government as its partner in a public-private partnership to build, start up, maintain and operate line 1 of the Zaragoza tramway.

The tramway's 12.8-kilometre north-south line, connecting Parque Goya with Valdespartera, will have 25 stops.

The initial cost of the project is approximately 340 million euro, of which 130 million euro will be funded equally by Zaragoza City and the Aragon Regional Government. It will provide Zaragoza with the most modern light railway in Spain using cutting-edge super batteries (similar in concept to those in Formula 1) developed by CAF at its Zaragoza plant. This will avoid the need to install a catenary in the city's historic quarter and enable the tramway to blend in with Zaragoza's cityscape.

A consortium with strong roots in the city which will offer services that clearly benefit the city and its inhabitants:

1. Quality service: intermodality and quality (punctuality, flexibility), since TUZSA will manage and coordinate the service with a clear focus on users' needs based on its experience in the public transport sector.

2. World-leading technology: super batteries developed by Aragonese companies and universities.

3. Cutting-edge design: The tramway will use the Urbos 3 rolling stock, produced by CAF and designed by Giugiaro Design, one of the world's most renowned industrial designers in the area of cars, motorcycles, quads, and plane, boat and train interiors. Giugiaro Design has collaborated with CAF on the design of many railcars, including Madrid Metro, trains for Saudi Arabia, RENFE regional units and Civia commuter trains.

4. Creating wealth and jobs: This tramway is for the people of Zaragoza and made by the people of Zaragoza. 

  • Companies that are from Zaragoza or operate in the city: CAF, TUZSA, Ibercaja, Acciona and FCC.
  • Employment in Zaragoza: Industrial companies in the TRAZA consortium employ more than 6,400 people in the city and surrounding areas. Some of those companies, such as FCC and TUZSA, have more than a century's worth of experience in providing urban services.