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FCC's Board of Directors approves the company's Environmental Policy


FCC's Board of Directors approves the company's Environmental Policy

FCC's Board of Directors has approved the company's Environmental Policy, which responds to the targets set in the 2009-2010 Corporate Responsibility Plan. This plan strengthens the social commitment of FCC, a company heavily involved in environmental services.

Aware of the importance to society of environmental preservation and the responsible use of available resources, FCC has undertaken to vitalise eight Group-wide commitments upon which its Environmental Policy is based:

  • Continuous improvement.
  • Control and oversight.
  • Preventing climate change and pollution.
  • Observation of the situation, and innovation.
  • The life cycle of our products and services.
  • The importance of full employee participation.

The approval of FCC Group's Environmental Policy coincided with the UN's annual World Environment Day on 5 June.

The United Nations aims to use World Environment Day to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and action. One of its main goals is to give a human face to environmental issues, empowering people to become active agents of sustainable development.