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Esther Alcocer Koplowitz chairs her first FCC shareholders' meeting


Esther Alcocer Koplowitz chairs her first FCC shareholders' meeting

  • Ms Alcocer, Chairman of FCC, underlined management's commitment and dedication in this new era
  • Juan Béjar, Vice-Chairman and CEO, presented the Group's Strategic Plan to shareholders
  • The shareholders approved the financial statements and all items on the agenda by a broad majority
Esther Alcocer Koplowitz chairs her first FCC shareholders' meeting

In her presentation, Esther Alcocer told the Meeting that she is "honoured" to chair the Board of Directors, a position she undertakes "with enthusiasm, commitment and determination to defend the interests of all shareholders." "We are entering a new era with a young and invigorated team, and we will apply a pragmatic approach in addressing the imbalances caused by the crisis", said Ms Alcocer.

Both Esther Alcocer and Juan Béjar highlighted the contribution by the group's principal shareholder, Esther Koplowitz, who recently received the Grand Cross of the Civil Order of Environmental Merit.

Mr Béjar presented the figures for 2012 and explained the main lines of the Strategic Plan for the coming years. During his speech, Mr Béjar highlighted the strengths of FCC, the Citizen Services Group: its leading position in domestic markets such as Spain, the UK, and Central Europe, especially in environmental services and water; the recurring nature of the business, evidenced by the fact that 65% of EBITDA comes from long-term contracts; and its international presence, with 56% of revenues coming from markets outside Spain.

He also underlined the "visibility of sales", the result of a backlog equivalent to 3.5 years' revenues, and "FCC's comprehensive offer in environmental services and water", from waste treatment to end-to-end water management.

Mr Béjar highlighted the main lines of the Strategic Plan implemented by FCC some months ago: reducing debt, generating cash to improve the Group's financial position, sharply reducing structural costs, and preparing managers to work in a global environment. The plan calls for debt to be reduced by 2.2 billion euro through divestments amounting to 550 million in the Construction area, 270 million in Services and 1.380 billion in the other businesses.

He also discussed the restructuring of the Construction and Cement businesses, which includes adjusting production capacity in Spain and rolling back Alpine to focus on domestic markets, as well as boosting its efficiency. As regards other international activity, the focus will be on projects and areas with the greatest potential demand.

The Shareholders' Meeting approved all items on the agenda, including the 2012 financial statements, the directors' report, the reduction of directors' terms from five to three years, and the appointment and re-appointment of directors.