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Esther Koplowitz chooses Vivendi Environnement to be FCC?s strategic partner


Esther Koplowitz chooses Vivendi Environnement to be FCC?s strategic partner

Vivendi Environnement replaces Vivendi Universal as FCC?s strategic partner .

The world's most important services group will work more closely with FCC to develop its strategic sectors: services, construction and cement.

Vivendi Environnement is fully committed to dramatically increasing the Spanish company's turnover and results over the next few years.

FCC upgrades its 2002-2004 Strategic Plan.

Esther Koplowitz has chosen Vivendi Environnement to be FCC?s strategic partner, which replaces Vivendi Universal in the agreements signed on the 6 October, 1998.

Vivendi Environnement has committed itself to focusing on the development of FCC?s three strategic sectors: services, construction and cement, in order for the company to achieve a far higher turnover and better results over the next few years than those registered in previous years, and as a result has upgraded its 2002-2004 Strategic Plan.

This ensures that any doubts concerning the definition of the Grupo FCC?s strategic sectors are laid to rest.

The drive to stimulate Grupo FCC?s growth will be especially important at international level, and for this reason Vivendi Environnement, the most important services group globally, will provide both backup and its outstanding experience.

FCC can also count on being in an enviable financial position to carry out this forward looking commitment, arising from the creation of important resources and low gearing, which enables it to invest in the strategic areas defined above.

Within this new framework of relationships, FCC?s two most important shareholders have expressed their support for the present company directors, and the hope that they will continue to carry out their duties with the same efficiency and professionalism that has characterised them up to now, strengthening the Group's identity and managerial ability.

As a result of the new business project, Esther Koplowitz has renounced her right to acquire shares in B 1998, which comes into effect if Vivendi Universal reduces its holding in Vivendi Environnement to less than 50%.

Esther Koplowitz and Henri Proglio, the President of Vivendi Environnement, have declared that: ''The new agreement and framework for collaboration ensure that FCC?s turnover will grow spectacularly, its results will improve notably, and the overall consequence will be that value is created for all shareholders''.