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Esther Koplowitz receives the solidarity prize granted by Cambio 16


Esther Koplowitz receives the solidarity prize granted by Cambio 16

Esther Koplowitz receives the solidarity prize granted by Cambio 16

Esther Koplowitz has received the "Solidarity" prize from the magazine Cambio 16 for her continuous efforts to improve the lives of people with limited economic resources. She referred to this during the Cambio 16 awards ceremony, which emphasised that as well as an excellent manager, philanthropist and businesswoman, she is also noted for her social commitment. Esther was grateful for the prize received and stated that "it is an honour for me to receive this prize which I accept in the name of everyone who has been able to help throughout my life.”

Concern for the needs of the least favoured people in society is channelled through the creation of her own foundation which depends solely and exclusively on the contributions made by Esther Koplowitz. The foundation is mainly dedicated to social works in favour of the people most in need of psycho-sanitary assistance for the young, the ill and the disabled as well as encouraging research, education, culture, the arts and sciences, and the protection and sustainability of the environment.
Social works

Her social works are mainly the construction, equipment and donation to public authorities of residences to attend to the aged without resources. These include the “Nuestra Casa” residence in Collado-Villalba, Madrid, with 160 places for the aged and 30 day places, the “La Nostra Casa” residence in Fort-Pienc, Barcelona, with 150 places and 30 day places, and the “La Nostra Casa” residence in Vall de la Ballestera, Valencia, with mental disabilities.. These residences help with the conciliation of family and personal commitments of parents and guardians, assuring them a home when they are absent. It is also notable that the foundation has built and equipped residence in Madrid for children affected with severe cerebral palsy, donated to the Fundación Nido.

Scientific research

Notably, the foundation has been promoting actions related to scientific research giving priority to those works with the greatest impact in improving the lives of people. Among these actions are the contributions to the construction of the Applied Medical Research centre of the University of Navarre, the contributions to the Clínico Universitario San Carlos in Madrid with the donation of the da Vinci robot, which to date has allowed the undertaking of more than 3,000 surgical operations, and the construction and equipping of the Esther Koplowitz Biomedical Research Centre in Barcelona where more than 350 scientists undertake their research into various illnesses such as cancer, auto-immunological and neurodegenerative illnesses, among others, and is a leader in its sector in Europe.

Promotion of education and culture

Education, culture, the arts and sciences, the protection and sustainability of the environment as well as collaboration with hundreds of organisations and associations with the same objectives as the foundation, such as Cáritas and the Red Cross, are another of the foundation's concerns. For example, in Madrid, in the Francisco de Vitoria University, the foundation has built a residence with 234 places for these students to assist their professional development and enhance their future possibilities. More than 1,200 students have benefited from this programme and grants from the Fundación Esther Koplowitz.

Esther Koplowitz has received numerous recognitions for her work in the social area and for her capacity for management and business leadership. One of the most important recognitions was granted in 2008 by Her Majesty Queen Sofía when she awarded her the Golden Cross of the Civil Order of Social Solidarity in recognition of her great social action to the benefit of general well-being.