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FCC addresses challenges to communities in its Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report


FCC addresses challenges to communities in its Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report

FCC has published its 6th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, for 2010. The report was audited by KPMG and conforms to the highest application level (A+) recognised by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an organisation responsible for the most prevalent global standards for non-financial reporting by companies.
FCC addresses challenges to communities in its Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The report deals with the challenges facing communities in the future, such as rapid urban growth and population ageing, with a specific focus on environmental excellence. As a citizen services group, FCC is prepared to respond to these challenges with a people-centred vision.

The issues covered in the report were selected by a Committee of Experts comprising professionals in communication, construction, public administration and services, among others. The committee identified a series of challenges to which FCC must respond. The 2010 Report is complemented by a status report on the objectives of the 2nd Corporate Responsibility Master Plan, which concluded last year.

The report provides a global vision of the Group's commitments and practices in the area of CSR, including policies related to environmental protection, ethics, the workplace, and equality; it also covers FCC's sustainable development initiatives relating to the economy, society and the environment, among others.

Five challenges
The challenges for FCC identified by the experts can be divided into five areas. The first area includes ethics, integrity and transparency. FCC, whose code of ethics was approved by the Board of Directors in 2008, promoted training on ethics, plans for equality and combating sexual harassment. Last year 9,350 people took the on-line courses on these issues (88% of total staff in Spain with internet access).

The second challenge is to design innovative solutions to deal with increasingly scarce natural resources and the growing population, especially in cities. Investment in Research & Development and innovation (RDI) in this area is vital. In 2010, FCC Group invested over 11.4 million euro in R&D and innovation projects in the areas of sustainable urban development, new sustainable product design, process efficiency and control, responsible use of resources, protection of biodiversity, and improvements in IT.

Greenhouse gas emissions are another notable component of the report. Cities are responsible for 70% of these emissions. In response, FCC has intensified its programmes to improve energy efficiency through investment in renewable energies and the use of alternative fuels. It also remains active in carbon emissions trading and in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. Last year, the Citizen Services Group rolled out new initiatives as part of its commitment to electric mobility and the implementation of electric vehicles.

One of the Group's principal goals is to continue to enhance its work environment. In 2010, the Group organised multidisciplinary actions for the personal and professional development of its 90,000 employees. Last year the company also implemented actions relating to talent attraction and retention, internal promotion plans and communications, and it signed collaboration agreements to hire people with disabilities. It also undertook initiatives regarding groups at risk of social exclusion and new pioneering equality plans in its business areas, such as airport handling and urban furniture. In the area of training, the FCC Corporate University provided over 850,000 contact hours to almost 132,000 participants.

The 6th Annual CSR Report also reflects the Group's commitment to society. In view of expectations of the company and the services it provides, the Group has invested over 6 million euro in social projects, notably a commitment to environmental education in schools and the development of the corporate volunteer programme with the Esther Koplowitz Foundation, which performs important work in favour of the disadvantaged.