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FCC celebrates the international day against gender violence


FCC celebrates the international day against gender violence

FCC is participating in the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women by undertaking voluntary actions in all countries where the environmental services, infrastructure and water management group  operates.

FCC celebrates the international day against gender violence

To support the United Nations global campaign “Paint Your World Orange”, translated into 14 languages, FCC is making an appeal throughout the company to remind everyone of its principles and to communicate its commitment and vision: zero tolerance regarding gender-based violence and a drive to improve the social and professional integration of victims.

As a new feature and within the framework of the fight to eliminate this social issue, FCC has formed a human chain at its corporate headquarters in Las Tablas, Madrid. The company also encouraged employees come to work wearing an orange item of clothing or an accessory to say “NO to gender-based violence”.

Carlos M. Jarque, CEO of FCC, said “Today, at FCC, we have reaffirmed our commitment to equality between men and women, and we have denounced all acts of violence against women by undertaking actions around the world to contribute to making our society a freer, more equal and respectful place". 

The CEO of FCC Group also said “At FCC, we are committed to integrating diversity and to fostering effective equality in all areas of our company. We want to highlight the issue and demonstrate zero tolerance”. Jarque acknowledged the great contribution of women in the workplace, home and society.

On this very special day, “our Group demands that we continue to work and progress in the area of equality, and that we continue collaborating with different institutions on achieving a safer society that is free from gender-based violence”.

Throughout the day, FCC is staging a number of activities, which includes handing out orange ribbons and badges with the number of the gender-based violence hotline (016), sending notifications to all personnel, disseminating the UN hashtag #orangetheworld on social media and circulating information via the company’s intranets and websites. Furthermore, a roundtable session to discuss gender violence, which will be attended by representatives from the Integra Foundation, Red Cross and ONCE, was organised at FCC’s Las Tablas corporate headquarters. The hiring of female victims of gender-based violence, the care given to them and violence regarding disabilities are some of the areas that have been addressed at the session. Testimonies of some women who wanted to tell their story were also heard.

FCC constantly renews its commitment to public administrations and social collaborations, while supporting, among others, the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality’s campaign to raise awareness of gender-based violence, which is called “There IS a way out of gender violence. It is thanks to YOU.  JOIN US”, Integra Foundation’s campaign called “When faced with gender violence, you can look the other way  – but she can’t”, and the Red Cross initiative with messages at the hashtags #25n #25ncrj.

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