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FCC celebrates World Environment Day by connecting people with nature in a single click


FCC celebrates World Environment Day by connecting people with nature in a single click

FCC has joined World Environment Day, the main campaign of the United Nations to increase global awareness of the importance of caring for the environment and encouraging people to become active agents in sustainable development.

FCC celebrates World Environment Day by connecting people with nature in a single click

This year the purpose of World Environment Day is to connect people with nature (I´m with Nature), inviting us to think, as stated by the United Nations, how we form part of nature and how we depend on it. It challenges us to discover amusing and exciting ways to experience and appreciate this vital relationship.

FCC is celebrating this day by setting up an Instagram photo contest which is open to everyone. To take part in this initiative, each person can contribute a photograph that captures sustainability and respect for the environment, showing how nature forms part of the human being, labelling the photograph with the hashtags #WorldEnvironmentDay and #FCCWithNature. The images will form part of the UNO’s World Environment Day Web site,, as part of the I´m with Nature initiative.

FCC will judge the entries in three categories, city and nature, sustainable actions and natural landscapes.  With this initiative, FCC aims to promote environmental sustainability and highlight the world-wide challenges of the 2030 agenda. We share the initiative described by the UNO at

This global United Nations initiative started in 1972. Currently it is held in more than 100 countries and has become a vehicle to drive action and awareness around caring for and protecting the environment.

We all have a fundamental role and unavoidable commitment to sustainability. Every action is important. In FCC we are aware of this and we join every effort through our commitment to the planet.

FCC works for global challenges

A series of events is setting country agendas: the economic and social scenario set by the growth trend of the world’s population and the unequal concentration of wealth, the lack of natural resources to meet growing economies and the need to use new, more efficient energy models based on renewable sources.

Responding to these global challenges, the United Nations prepared and published the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2016, containing 169 specific objectives so that countries, their citizens and companies have an effective guide to minimise the social, economic and environmental problems that have been identified across the world.

This compendium of commitments sets the agenda for world sustainability to 2030 and has been understood as such by FCC which has aligned its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments with these 17 goals, thus contributing to their achievement.