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FCC Construcción publishes its 2009-2010 sustainability report


FCC Construcción publishes its 2009-2010 sustainability report

FCC Construcción has published its 2009-2010 Sustainability Report, drafted in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative recommendations set out in 2006. The information provided has been validated and verified by AENOR, having been awarded an A+ rating. The Company drafts the Sustainability Report every two years, updating it in odd-numbered years.

The subject matter of this report is set out so as to establish links between the sustainability and the results achieved by the Company. This report provides an answer to three main questions: the effects of certain aspects of sustainable development on the business, FCC Construcción's actions in regard to the aforementioned aspects, and the results our Company achieves through its actions.

An innovative design has been used for drafting this report, employing a magazine format and a small number of pages for easy reading. Each chapter provides all of the information on just two pages, to which end the data regarding some indicators are included in the cross-reference table provided at the end of the report.

The significant aspects for our interest groups are dealt with throughout its pages for the purpose of informing you as to the Company's economic, social and environmental progress as part of its commitment to dialog and information transparency.

Some of the most outstanding topics analyzed, the information for which is provided in a markedly graphic design include:

  • FCC Construcción's being a step ahead in employing sustainable criteria at a point in time when sustainability is the basis for building the new model of development has enabled it to maintain a privileged position on the market and be prepared to take on the future.
  • The implementation of ethical criteria of transparency in the actions taken by the Company as part of its corporate culture is this organization's hallmark.
  • The Company's bandwagon effect on the supply chain, moving in the direction of socially responsible conduct, contributes to creating market conditions in which responsible companies are valued.
  • Linking ecosystems to the end meaning of our business such that the assessment thereof comprises an integral part of the Company's approach and decision-making process.