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FCC to build hydroelectric plant in Portugal for 107 million euro


FCC to build hydroelectric plant in Portugal for 107 million euro

FCC has obtained a contract from Energías de Portugal (EDP) to build the Ribeiradio and Ermida dams, accesses to the Ribeiradio dam, and complementary works for 107 million euro.

José Sócrates, Prime Minister of Portugal, attended the laying of the first stone; the projects will be completed in four years and generate 134 GWh.

The Ribeiradio dam will be a circular concrete gravity dam containing 230,000 m3 of material; the 262-metre crown will be 74 metres high. There will be three 13 x 13 metre spillways with segment gates and a 2.5-metre wide drain. The dissipator will consist of a 6-metre high concrete dam located 135 metres downstream.

The hydroelectric plant will be built in a circular shaft with a diameter of 23 metres and a depth of 36 metres. It will have one generator driven by an underground water circuit comprised of a water intake and a penstock 205 metres long with a diameter of 5.5 metres, which will discharge to the dissipator.

The Ermida Dam will be a straight concrete gravity dam (75,000 m3 of material); the 175.1-metre long crown will be 35 metres high. The dam will have a fixed-lip spillway and a 1.2 x 1.5-metre drain plus a 30-metre dissipator. The hydroelectric plant will have two generators fed by separate penstocks running through the dam.

There will be two access roads to the Ribeiradio Dam: one measuring 1.34 kilometres on the right bank and another measuring 1 kilometre on the left bank; with an average grade of 10%, they will be 6.5 metres wide, comprising two 2.75 metre lanes and 0.5 metre hard shoulders.

The EM 569 highway, along the right bank of the Ermida Dam, will be rebuilt along a length of 2.35 kilometres, including the construction of a bridge over the Salgueiro River. This project will require more than 570,000 m3 of earth movements, more than 370,000 m3 of concrete and over 7,700 tonnes of steel.

FCC has extensive experience in building waterworks. It is currently building a number of large dams of different kinds: In Spain, the most important are the Castrovido (99 metres high), Yesa (117 m), and Enciso (105 m) dams; in Mexico, El Zapotillo (132 m); and in Bulgaria, Tsankov Kamak (130 m), built by FCC subsidiary ALPINE.