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FCC to build a highway in Romania for 141 million euro


FCC to build a highway in Romania for 141 million euro

FCC has been awarded the contract to build the Constanza bypass in Romania. The project is worth a total of 141.8 million euro.

The project involves building a new 22-kilometreroad bypassing the city Constanza on the west, with two 3.75-metre lanes each way, a 4-metre median, a 3-metre emergency lane and a 0.50-meter berm.

The road will have 5 junctions and 26 structures (six viaducts, six bridges, eight overpasses and six underpasses).

Most of the route runs along an embankment with a low carrying capacity and a very shallow water table (Danubian plain clay and sediment). A total of 775 km of gravel piles measuring 1 metre in diameter and 6 metres deep will be installed to reinforce the terrain wherever the embankment is over five metres high.

The project also involves three million cubic metres of infill and 2.6 million cubic metres of earth movement, one million cubic metres of soil stabilised to a depth of 20cm, and the use of 360,000 tonnes of tarmac. Construction is scheduled to take 32 months.

Other projects in Romania

Late in 2004, that same Administration awarded FCC Construcción the contract to resurface 30 kilometres of the DN1C highway, between Cluj and Livada in northern Romania. In 2007, the company won road-building and widening contracts: the DN1C Livada-Dej-Cluj County Limit, the DN 66 Filasi-Petrosanti and the Bucharest north bypass (which includes a 240-metre cable-stayed bridge).

It is also building the Basarab viaduct in Bucharest and a bridge over the Danube, connecting Bulgaria and Romania, plus the bridge's access roads. In the first quarter of 2008, it obtained the contract to widen and improve National Road NR6 between Timisoara and Lugoj.

Through Austrian subsidiary ALPINE, it has also obtained two environmental contracts to install and plumb two landfills in the Dambovita region of Romania. In Bucharest, the company is building the new headquarters for Petrom, the largest oil and gas production company in south-eastern Europe, as well as a cable-stayed bridge. ALPINE has just opened its third Romanian office, in Timisoara, in order to improve its coverage of the country.

FCC Construcción has a backlog of over 600 million euro in projects in Romania. And Austrian subsidiary ALPINE has a backlog of approximately 200 million euro in Romania.