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FCC awarded waste collection contract in San Sebastián


FCC awarded waste collection contract in San Sebastián

The San Sebastián city government has chosen FCC once again to provide municipal solid waste (MSW) collection, transport and related services in the city. The 10-year contract may be extended by one year, and represents total revenues of 46 million euro.
FCC awarded waste collection contract in San Sebastián

FCC has been providing waste collection services in San Sebastián since 1990.The company plans to invest around 4 million euro during the life of the contract.

San Sebastián produces 200 tonnes of garbage per day, which is collected and delivered to the San Marcos waste transfer station. FCC will provide waste collection services year round except for Christmas Eve and New Year's Day.

FCC Medio Ambiente will use new vehicles designed to access narrow, hard-to-reach streets in San Sebastián; each neighbourhood will have appropriately-designed bins.

The company will have a fleet of seven side-loading trucks with capacity to store 25 cubic metres of waste, as well as small rear-loading trucks.

A novel feature of this contract is that, in a first round of waste collection, small electric vehicles will pick up waste located outside of the bins. Cardboard will be collected in the city's old quarter using an electric trolley; accumulated cardboard will then be transported to the sorting plant by truck.

Other collection equipment includes mixed rear- and side-load binwashers: a 3.5 cubic metre washer for rear-load bins and a 5 cubic metre washer for side-load bins.

FCC will also employ vans with hot water hydrocleaners for washing the outsides of bins, special trucks for collecting unwanted furniture, as well as inspection, repair, and maintenance vehicles. FCC will also refurbish and distribute new side- and rear-loading bins throughout San Sebastián.

The new contract includes organic waste collection for the first time in the Amara, Intxaurrondo, Altza and Martutene areas.

Innovative proposals

FCC plans to implement a GPS system which registers the trucks' routes and the location and status of the bins. This system will enable employees in the control centre to know immediately if the route is being followed correctly and to respond rapidly to any problem that may arise.