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FCC awarded municipal sanitation and street cleaning contract in Ourense


FCC awarded municipal sanitation and street cleaning contract in Ourense

  • La facturación ascenderá a 120 millones de euros


  • The contract is worth 120 million euro

Ourense City Government has awarded a contract for street cleaning and municipal waste collection and transport to a joint venture comprised of FCC and two other companies; the ten-year contract may be extended by two years and is worth around 120 million euro.

Services will be provided by a trained team that is committed to the serving citizens using innovative, environmentally-friendly technology developed in-house by FCC that is not available on the market. The company will spend more than 10 million euro on equipment, quality control measures and communications.

The equipment and services will be adapted to the characteristics of Ourense. The vehicles will be specially-designed for greater carrying capacity and waste collection performance without sacrificing manoeuvrability, with the lowest possible cost, fuel consumption and noise and pollutant emissions, in line with the concept of clean technology. They will equipped with leading-edge quality and safety features and will comply with Euro IV and Euro V standards.

According to needs, vehicles will be powered by ecological fuels (biodiesel, electricity, hybrids) and diesel/gasoline.

Street washers will be fitted with a novel water optimisation system which regulates the water flow and pressure as a function of vehicle speed. This will greatly enhance washing efficiency while reducing water consumption considerably. Additionally, data capture systems will provide reports and details on the street washers' movement.

The facilities will be comprised of central and ancillary depots, a main office, ancillary premises, a customer service office and an ecological classroom.

The central depot will have a system to treat water from cleaning vehicles and skips; an recharging station for electric vehicles; a biodiesel pump; a solar thermal energy installation for the production of sanitary hot water, and other environmentally-friendly equipment.

The contract also includes the establishment of a call centre, a customer service office and websites dealing with the municipality and the cleaning and waste management services.

FCC has designed an innovative control system based on a real-time geographical information system. Vehicles will be fitted with GPS/GPRS, on-board computer and mobile communications with the capacity to send and receive alerts and video, locate vehicles and skips, relay vehicle identification data and provide two-way communications between area supervisors and workers.

FCC will use side-loading trucks to collect waste in the city centre and rear-loading trucks in rural, peri-urban and industrial areas and other parts of the centre where side-loading is not an option. Side-loading trucks will be used to collect source separated waste throughout the municipality.

The fleet will include vehicles with dual side steering wheels to ensure complete coverage and maximum manoeuvrability. The contract includes collection of industrial glass and paper waste and the placement and removal of paper/cardboard and glass skips in certain areas of the city centre.

Waste collection vehicles will be fitted with equipment to identify and weigh skips.

Leaders in Urban Sanitation

In 2008, FCC was awarded contracts totalling 2.887 billion euro for urban sanitation activities in Spain (waste collection, street cleaning, municipal waste management, facility management, garden maintenance, sewer cleaning, etc.), i.e. twice the 2007 figure.

FCC provides urban sanitation services (waste collection, street cleaning, municipal waste management, garden cleaning, etc.) in 3,597 of Spain's 8,100 municipalities, where it billed 1.440 billion euro in 2008, compared with 1.350 billion euro in 2007. The company serves 27 million people.

In 2008, revenues from the above-mentioned services in Spain totalled 2.498 billion euro.

FCC's backlog in this area has expanded steadily and now amounts to 8.926 billion euro, i.e. 21.7% more than at 2007 year-end and equivalent to 70 months' work.

Outside Spain, FCC operates in Central and Eastern Europe, the UK and Latin America.