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FCC awarded contract for three new railway sections in Romania for 1.634 billion euros


FCC awarded contract for three new railway sections in Romania for 1.634 billion euros

The Romanian National Railway Company (CFR) has awarded FCC Construcción a contract for the rehabilitation of three new railway sections in the region of Transylvania. The works are valued at €1.634 billion and will be delivered by FCC in a consortium with other companies in the sector.



FCC awarded contract for three new railway sections in Romania for 1.634 billion euros

Financed by funds from the European Commission, the new projects form part of the rehabilitation and modernising of the railway in the Pan European Corridor IV crossing Romania. The award is for section 2, km 614 - Gurasada, consisting of sub-section 2a, km 614 - Cap Y Bârzava and sub-section 2b, Cap Y Bârzava - Cap Y Ilteu, as well as section 3, Gurasada - Simeria. The project delivery period is 36 months.

The works consist of building and modernising 121.62 km of railway line, 47 bridges, eight overpasses and seven underpasses, a tunnel 659 m long, 19 stations and five stops as well as electrification work and the implementation of the ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System).

The adjudicated sections are the continuation of another two sections currently being built by FCC Construcción, Sighisoara - Atel and Atel-Micasasa, for €472 million.

The total amount of all the railway contracts that FCC Construcción is undertaking in Romania is €2,106 million.

Carlos M Jarque, CEO of FCC Group, said, “With more than 12 years’ experience in Romania, FCC Construcción has become one of the leading providers of transport infrastructure in the country. To date we have already completed a number of important works, and this contract award further strengthens our portfolio of future works.”

The improvement and rehabilitation work on the railway line in Romania will allow an increase in train speed of up to 160 km/h. The modernising of these sections will also bring safety and speed and encourage tourism, goods transport and the economic development of the country.

IV Pan European corridor

In order to increase railway transport speed on the continent, the European Union is supporting the improvement of railway infrastructure, financing the rehabilitation of the IV Pan European Corridor running from Dresden to Istanbul through community rehabilitation programmes.

Running through various countries, Corridor IV crosses Romania from the frontier with Hungary (Curtici) to the Black Sea (Constanta). In this framework, the Romanian Railway Company (CN “CFR” SA) is undertaking a series of projects to modernise the railway infrastructure.