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FCC to build section of high-speed railway in Castellón for 83 million euro


FCC to build section of high-speed railway in Castellón for 83 million euro

FCC, as part of a consortium, has been awarded a contract to build the Almazora-Castellón subsection of the Valencia-Castellón section of the future Madrid-Castilla La Mancha-Valencia-Murcia high-speed railway line. The contract is worth 83.2 million euro.

The Almazora-Castellón subsection is 1.8 km long and will have dual high-speed international gauge tracks designed to carry hybrid traffic (passengers and goods).

The project includes replacing the current Iberian gauge track with 5 km of new Iberian gauge track; relocating the Almazora station to accommodate commuter trains on the Valencia-Castellón line; building a new maintenance depot for Iberian gauge tracks; and adapting the platforms at Castellón station for high-speed trains.

The construction of this subsection will provide important advantages, including:

  • Connecting the Valencia region with Catalonia and France to the north and Murcia to the south via high-speed railway.
  • Establishing new railway links between the Mediterranean and Cantabrian coasts through Sagunto via the future Cantabrian-Mediterranean corridor.
  • Increasing safety by building a fence on both sides of the track.
  • Increasing capacity and frequency through the use of double gauge tracks throughout the entire line.
  • Improving passenger comfort by ensuring optimal rolling and route conditions.
  • Reducing travel time between Madrid and the regions of Castilla La Mancha, Valencia and Murcia.

The Madrid-Castilla La Mancha-Murcia high-speed railway line is part of the Development Ministry's 2005-2020 Strategic Plan for Infrastructure and Transport.