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FCC Medio Ambiente achieves contracts worth 690 million Euros in the first half year


FCC Medio Ambiente achieves contracts worth 690 million Euros in the first half year

During the first half of this year, FCC Medio Ambiente has won or renewed contracts to a value of 670 million Euros relating to its environmental services.

This achievement coincided with changeovers in local governments and demonstrates the strength and quality of the service provided by the Citizen Service Group’s main business line.

FCC Medio Ambiente achieves contracts worth 690 million Euros in the first half year

One of the most significant contracts involves cleaning and maintenance of the Barcelona sewer network until 2022, with an allocation of almost 100 million Euros.

This is a service FCC has provided since 1911, after winning several public tenders. That contract in 1911 was in fact the first the company signed in the realm of urban public services and marked the path of diversification that FCC has followed so successfully throughout its entire life and which continues today with renewed zeal.

A highlight of the new contract are the innovative solutions proposed by FCC, within the concept of smart services, based on efficiency, technology, highly skilled personnel and expertise accumulated over more than 100 years of operations in this field. This tender was the first to be opened by a town corporation that actually demands competing businesses provide smart services in its implementation.

Another outstanding award is for the management of street cleaning and rubbish collection and removal in Vitoria-Gasteiz for a period of eight years, worth about 111 million Euros.

Vitoria-Gasteiz has a population of 245,000 inhabitants that each year, produce about 58,000 tons of rubbish that are collected and transferred to the treatment plant on a daily basis.

Over the coming months, the successful bidder will implement specific control measures, such as installing GPS systems on rubbish lorries and dust-carts to monitor their routes, or the installation of a vehicle entry/exit control system in the yard using an electromagnetic arc.

In San Sebastian, the council has also awarded FCC a new contract for the provision of street cleaning services in the city for a period of four years and a total value of 34 million Euros.

As part of its service to the more than 190,000 residents of San Sebastian, the company will provide a fleet of 300 street cleaning vehicles. By way of innovation, it will employ advanced cleaning systems, such as tricycles and electric carts.

The City Council of Valencia has also renewed the gardens and parks cleaning and maintenance contract for four years, with a total value of 25.5 million Euros.

FCC has won numerous environmental service contracts in the first half year, highlights of which include Girona, Alicante, Jaen, Arcos de la Frontera (Cadiz), Las Palmas, Ribadesella (Asturias), Sant Josep (Ibiza) or Llucmajor in Palma de Mallorca.

In the UK

The Citizen Services Group through FCC Waste Services (UK) Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of FCC Environment (UK), has been awarded the waste collection contract for South Ribble, Lanarkshire (England), valued at 13.9 million Euros. This agreement is valid until 2022, with the possibility of a further seven year extension.

In addition, FCC Environment has won the tender to operate and maintain the new household waste recycling centre in the county of Torfaen for a period of seven years and a contract value of 6.8 million Euros.

FCC Environmental Services

The Environmental Services division accounts for 55.2% of the FCC Group's EBITDA in the first half of this year. 95% of its business focuses on the provision of urban waste collection, treatment and disposal services, together with other urban services such as street cleaning or maintaining parks and greenery. The remaining 5% corresponds to its industrial waste collection and handling business.

FCC’s business in Spain centres on urban waste management and street cleaning; in the UK, the main business line is urban waste treatment and disposal, whereas in Central and Eastern Europe – mainly Austria and the Czech Republic, FCC has a balanced presence along the entire municipal waste management chain (collection, treatment and disposal). FCC’s presence in Portugal focuses on industrial waste management.