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FCC’s ninth Energy-from-Waste facility becomes fully operational


FCC’s ninth Energy-from-Waste facility becomes fully operational

  • Mercia Waste Management, a partnership 50% owned by  FCC Environment, managed the design and build process of the facility
  • EnviRecover is the flagship waste treatment facility for Worcestershire County Council and Herefordshire Council, it will treat up to 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, producing 15.5 MW of electricity for export to the grid
FCC’s ninth Energy-from-Waste facility becomes fully operational

FCC’s ninth Energy-from-Waste facility became fully operational after the official handover of the EnviRecover Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facility to Mercia Waste Management. The partnership is 50% owned by FCC Environment, the environmental services division of the global Environment, Water and Infrastructure group. The facility was built on time and to specification during a 33-month construction programme. The first waste was delivered into the facility in October 2016 for commissioning trials.

The handover of EnviRecover was marked by a gathering at the site including Councillors and senior Council officers from Worcestershire County Council and Herefordshire Council, along with representatives from Mercia Waste Management, Severn Waste Services, main contractor HZI and Wychavon District Council.

EnviRecover is located on the Hartlebury Trading Estate near Kidderminster, Worcestershire in the United Kingdom. The facility will complement Worcestershire County Council and Herefordshire Council's other waste and recycling facilities, such as EnviroSort at Norton.

The new EfW facility is the largest single piece of capital infrastructure in Worcestershire and Herefordshire. FCC Group’s CEO, Carlos M Jarque, pointed out “This plant brings important environmental benefits, both through the virtual elimination of landfill in these counties and through electricity generation. With the capacity to provide the grid with 15.5MW of electricity every year from 200,000 tonnes of waste this is sufficient to power all the homes in Kidderminster”.

Antonio Alfonso, Managing Director - Head of FCC Environment’s International Division, said “This facility will generate renewable energy from non-recyclable household and business waste, highlighting our commitment to delivering sustainable waste solutions. We have a growing portfolio of Energy from Waste facilities in the UK, and this announcement follows the opening of our facility in Buckinghamshire last year, and the start of work on our Energy Recovery Centre in Edinburgh & Midlothian. We are recognised as a trusted global supplier to municipalities that delivers these types of plants on time and on budget, making an important difference to the local citizens.”

Severn Waste Services is the public face of municipal waste management in Worcestershire and Herefordshire, operating facilities for its sister company, Mercia Waste Management. The partnership signed an initial 25-year contract with Worcestershire County Council and Herefordshire Council in December 1998. This contract brought an integrated waste management service to the two counties, leading to the more sustainable management of municipal waste. Severn Waste Services and Mercia Waste Management are 50% owned by FCC Environment.

About FCC

FCC Group is a world leader in providing services to citizens. The environmental services division of the company, has been active for over 100 years and has built its success on a commitment to innovation and to helping cities become smarter, more sustainable and more socially conscious. It currently serves more than 59 million people in 13 countries, with a network of more than 250 recycling and recovery facilities and 10 existing waste to energy projects with a capacity over 2.6 million tons and 300 MW power output.

FCC’s backlog in environmental services was 11.152 billion euros at the end of 2016, with the business area also accounting for 52.6% of FCC Group’s EBITDA. The company continues to grow internationally, and last year started work on the construction of the Recycling and Energy Recovery Centre in Edinburgh & Midlothian, as well as officially opening an EfW plant in Buckinghamshire. At the end of 2016 FCC secured several municipal waste collection contracts in Barrow-in-Furness borough council, Cumbria (United Kingdom), and in the city of Prostějov in the Czech Republic. In 2017 it has already been awarded its fourth (in Garland) and fifth (in Mesquite) recycling contracts in the state of Texas in the US, with the recyclable materials due to be processed at the newly opened Materials Recycling Facility in Dallas.

The caption: Representatives from Mercia Waste, FCC Environment and councils of Worcestershire county and Whychavon district.