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FCC will provide Public Sanitation in Bilbao for the next ten years


FCC will provide Public Sanitation in Bilbao for the next ten years

The Bilbao City Council has chosen FCC to provide city sanitation services for the next seven years, with a three-year extension. The contract for the ten-year period is valued at 360 million euros.

FCC was the bidder with the highest score in the contract put out to tender by the City Council, in which the main construction and services companies participated.

The services include: street cleaning, collection, transportation, treatment and elimination of solid urban waste, management of the Artigas controlled dump, facility maintenance and contract management.

Bilbao has a population of 353,000 inhabitants. Some 170,000 tons of solid urban waste will be collected and transferred to the Artigas controlled dump each year.

FCC will have a staff of 442 people working on this contract and will invest nearly 21.3 million euros in the purchase of material resources, 16.3 million of which will be invested in the collection and transport of solid urban waste and the remaining 5 in street cleaning services.

The trash collection fleet will be composed of 92 vehicles, 60 of which will be side- and rear-loading vehicles. The rest will be open bed vehicles with cranes, dumpster lifters, special trucks, hydrocleaners, etc.

The street cleaning services will be provided by 142 groups equipped with the latest generation technology. In addition to the habitual sweeping and washing, special services will also be provided such as wall cleaning, scrubbing and stripping of pavements and roads, gum removal and cleaning of dog excrement.

FCC has been providing these services in Bilbao since 1972. Following the first contract award, the company subsequently won the contracts put out to tender in 1982, 1987 and 1992.