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FCC reciclará los residuos de Dallas durante 15 años


FCC to recycle Dallas waste for 15 years

  • Citizen Services Group to build and operate a plant to manage all recyclable waste from the Texan city.
  • The contract may be extended for another 10 years, in which case turnover could reach 270 million euros.
FCC to recycle Dallas waste for 15 years

The US city of Dallas has awarded FCC the contract to build and operate a plant to manage all of the recyclable waste in the Texan city for a period of 15 years, which may be extended by a further 10 years. The turnover volume for the plant is around 270 million euros (300 million dollars) over the course of its lifetime.

The area of Dallas-Fort Worth is the fourth largest metropolitan area of the United States with nearly 7 million in habitants, after New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. This makes it strategically significant for FCC’s environment business in the US.

Under the terms of the contract, FCC will have the exclusive right to the material from all recyclable waste containers in the city of Dallas for the period awarded. A total of six companies took part in the tender announced by the Dallas' Sanitation Services Department. FCC came out top in the technical criteria assessed in the tender.

In order to recycle the waste in the Texan city, FCC will build an automatic sorting plant using state-of-the-art technology. This will use the latest sorting and classification techniques, including artificial vision, as well as optical and gravimetric sorting machines. The new facilities will sort all of the waste collected in the single recycling container into different categories.

The plant will recycle and give thousands of tonnes of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metals, etc., produced by the citizens of Dallas, back to the market, thereby returning it to the production cycle.

FCC has extensive experience with similar plants in several countries across the world, with over 50 facilities currently available and similar to the proposal for the Texan city.

In September this year FCC was awarded the Orange County (Florida) contract, the first Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) collection contract given to a Spanish company in the US. At the end of 2014 FCC also secured the contract for biosolids management in Houston. This award consolidates FCC's aim to launch their services in North America where they plan to capitalize on their 100+ years' experience in the environmental services sector across the world.