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FCC renews its pledge to ONCE Foundation to hire people with disabilities


FCC renews its pledge to ONCE Foundation to hire people with disabilities

  • The two entities have entered into their fourth Inserta Agreement
  • The Agreement is one of the measures promoted by FCC to contribute to improving the insertion and integration of handicapped persons into the labour market



FCC renews its pledge to ONCE Foundation to hire people with disabilities

Carlos M. Jarque, CEO of FCC Group, and Alberto Duran, Executive Vice-President of the ONCE Foundation, have renewed the Inserta Agreement, which was first signed in 2009. Under the new terms FCC will commit to hiring 125 people with disabilities over the next three years, bringing the total number of disabled people hired since the collaboration programme started to 425.

According to Carlos M. Jarque: “Entering into this Agreement is part of the measures promoted by FCC to contribute to improving the labour insertion and social integration of people with disabilities. Furthermore, talent for a sustainable future, diversity and equality are the cornerstones of growth that structure our Group philosophy. Therefore, renewing this agreement is very important for us because it will ensure that many people are given better opportunities”. “For years”, Jarque continued, “we have worked with specialist institutions that help us to organise the hiring and monitoring of disabled people who join our organisation, by matching the suitability of the job to the professional profile of each worker and facilitating integration standards within our Group”.

For his part, Alberto Duran commented that he is “highly satisfied to have a partner as as FCC has proven to be, capable of offering a chance to people with fewer opportunities than the rest and who, like everyone else, need to work in order to live a life as normal as possible”. At the same time, he encouraged FCC to look on people with disabilities as a niche market from which certain advantages can be taken. “This agreement”, the Executive Vice-President of the ONCE Foundation added “makes FCC a better company and a company that is concerned with the integration of people”.

The agreement is part of the operational programmes for Youth Employment and Social Economy (POEJ) and Social Inclusion and Social Economy (POISES) developed by the ONCE Foundation through Inserta Empleo. It is co-financed by the European Social Fund which seeks to increase vocational training and employment among people with disabilities.

FCC intends to continue relying on Inserta Empleo, the ONCE Foundation’s entity for training and employment, to cover new job vacancies required by the company, to pre-select candidates that are best suited for the specific profile, and to provide training that enables them to perform the tasks allocated to them.

In addition, it will continue to collaborate with the No Te Rindas Nunca (Never Give Up) Plan, a flexible programme that aims to boost employment among young people with disabilities under the age of 30. The scheme is based on 34 measures that cover all key aspects for promoting employment in this segment of the population. These range from providing personalised training and promotion of entrepreneurship to acting as labour intermediaries with companies that integrate disability into their Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

The agreement signed this morning also includes promoting other actions that indirectly foster the employment of disabled people through the purchasing goods and services from special employment centres.


In 2009, FCC’s Medio Ambiente Division in Barcelona entered into an agreement with FSC Inserta that resulted in the recruitment of 73 people with disabilities. In view of its successful outcome, both entities embarked on an Inserta Covenant Agreement in November 2010 to encompass all the Group’s Business Areas. That collaboration programme has seen the materialisation of 300 new contracts as at 31st December 2016.

About FCC

FCC Group is a worldwide leader in environmental services, water management and infrastructure works. Its history stretches back over 100 years during which it has accumulated extensive experience across these sectors. FCC Group is internationally renowned for providing smart and sustainable services to citizens.
As a result of our commitment to the ONCE Foundation and the Inserta Agreement, FCC has pledged to incorporate 125 people with disabilities into the company over the coming years. This commitment by the company to further integration and labour inclusion stands behind the creation in 2014 of FCC Equal SEC - Special Employment Centre - a project initiated by the Medio Ambiente Area.
FCC also participates in projects such as the “Entrepreneur Classroom”, launched by the Prevent Foundation, which is directed at handicapped entrepreneurs as an aid to starting up or accelerating new business initiatives.

Inserta Empleo

Inserta Empleo, the ONCE Foundation’s specialist body for the employment and training of people with disabilities, was responsible for the management and development of the 2007-2013 Programa por Talento (an Operational Programme to Combat Discrimination), co-financed by the European Social Fund.

Currently, it participates in the operational Youth Employment and Social Inclusion and Social Economy programmes approved by the European Union for Spain for the period 2014-2020. The first one involves two projects, entitled ‘Activate Your Talent’ and ‘Train your Talent’, while the second programme has three projects under the titles of ‘Diverse Talent for Sustainable Companies’, ‘Boost your Talent’, and ‘Enhance your Talent’.

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