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FCC renews its commitment to the Diversity Charter


FCC renews its commitment to the Diversity Charter

FCC has reaffirmed its commitment to the Spanish Diversity Charter for 2016-2018, during an event at the headquarters of the CEOE. The Diversity Foundation, who organised the event, are responsible for driving forward this initiative in Spain, which seeks to promote diversity and inclusion in the business environment.

FCC renews its commitment to the Diversity Charter

It is an initiative under which FCC Group reinforces its commitment to the fundamental principles of equality, non-discrimination in the workplace, support for diversity and respect for individual differences.

Diversity management is a commitment undertaken by the General Management of Human Resources department at FCC. It aims to facilitate the cultural change required to address the challenges faced by the company, as a consequence of its international growth, and to optimise the management of teams comprising people with diverse profiles.

FCC first signed up to the principles of the Diversity Charter in July 2014, agreeing to comply with a set of ten principles and to impart them with the following values:


  •  Raise awareness of the principles of equal opportunities and respect for diversity.
  •  Make progress in building a diverse workforce.
  •  Foster inclusion.
  •  Consider diversity in all people management policies.
  •  Promote compatibility by balancing work, family and leisure time.
  •  Acknowledge client diversity.
  •  Disseminate and communicate commitment to employees.
  •  Disseminate and communicate commitment to supplier companies.
  •  Disseminate and communicate commitment to public authorities, business organisations, trade unions and other social associations.
  •  Give visibility to activities that support anti-discrimination and to the results obtained.

Carlos M. Jarque, CEO of FCC Group, said: "The principles protected under the Diversity Charter are in line with those included in FCC's Equality and Diversity Policy, which establishes the integration of diversity as a central pillar in all the activities undertaken by the company." Mr Jarque also said: "At FCC we believe in undertaking actions and programmes that proactively encourage equality, diversity and integration in the workplace, contributing to the wellbeing of those who form part of the personnel and bolstering our ties with the communities to which we provide our services."

The Diversity Charter is an initiative of the European Commission Directorate-General for Justice and was established to implement its policies to tackle discrimination. The Diversity Foundation, which is promoted by the Alares Foundation, is exclusively responsible for promoting this initiative in Spain. It relies on a voluntary code of commitment to support and promulgate the principles of inclusion, diversity and non-discrimination in the workplace.

By joining this initiative, FCC is backing diversity management as a business, social and legal prerequisite.

All of this supports the rights of people –regardless of their age, origin, religion, sexual orientation, race, culture, disability or gender– to have the same opportunities regarding access, stability and promotion, harmonising work and professional life. It also helps to improve the quality of life and work of all people.