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ONCE Foundation and FCC collaborate to integrate 125 people with disabilities into the workforce


ONCE Foundation and FCC collaborate to integrate 125 people with disabilities into the workforce

The two groups renewed an Inserta Agreement under the framework of the Por Talento Programme, an initiative that is co-financed by the European Social Fund and is being developed by ONCE Foundation via FSC Inserta, which trains and employs people with disabilities.


ONCE Foundation and FCC collaborate to integrate 125 people with disabilities into the workforce

This morning, ONCE Foundation and FCC signed an Inserta Agreement in Madrid to integrate 125 people with disabilities into FCC's workforce over the next three years, which will result in it having a total of 350 employees with disabilities.

The agreement, signed by Juan Béjar Ochoa, FCC Vice-Chairman and CEO, and Alberto Durán, Executive Vice-Chairman of ONCE Foundation, is among the actions undertaken by the latter as part of the Por Talento Programme to train and employ people with disabilities, is co-financed by the European Social Fund.

According to Juan Béjar, "This agreement is aligned with the measures implemented by FCC, the Citizen Services Group, to promote the employment of people with disabilities. Working together with ONCE Foundation is an essential part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policies".

According to Alberto Durán, "The renewal of this agreement confirms that ours is a relationship based on trust. FCC is staunchly committed to employment for people with disabilities, and ONCE Foundation shares its expertise in favour of a more inclusive society".

To cover new job posts that arise, FCC will work with FSC Inserta, an ONCE Foundation organisation focused on training and employment, which will shortlist candidates with the most appropriate profiles. FCC will also encourage indirect hiring of people with disabilities by acquiring goods and services from sheltered workshops.

The company participates in several unique projects implemented by ONCE Foundation, such as the "Never Give Up" (No te Rindas Nunca) plan, which aims to promote employment among young people with disabilities; internships for Spanish university students; and in the Foundation's new jobs website (


In 2009, FCC Medioambiente in Barcelona signed an agreement with FSC Inserta under which 73 people with disabilities were hired. Following the good results of this initiative, in November 2010 the two groups signed an Inserta Agreement which covered all of the company's business areas. As a result of this collaboration, 220 people had been hired by 31 December 2013.


FCC is the parent company of one of Europe's leading citizen services groups, operating in sectors such as environmental services, water, and infrastructure.One of the main focuses of FCC's Corporate Responsibility Master Plan is a commitment to sustainability by promoting actions which are socially responsible and respond to stakeholder expectations. Through the Exemplary Behaviour component of its master plan to promote social inclusion of special needs groups, FCC is committed to supporting and integrating people with disabilities into the Group.

FSC Inserta

FSC Inserta, ONCE Foundation's training and employment arm, is responsible for the Por Talento Programme, which is co-financed by the European Social Fund. This ambitious project is part of the Operational Programme for Fighting Against Discrimination 2007-2013 and provides further support for the integration of people with disabilities into society and the workforce and for equal opportunities.