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Global Vía acquires two toll roads in Chile for 553 million dollars


Global Vía acquires two toll roads in Chile for 553 million dollars

  • Global Vía's first acquisition in the Americas.

Madrid, 3 June 2008. Global Vía Infraestructuras, a 50:50 joint venture of FCC and Caja Madrid, bid 553 million dollars for the SCADA and SCADI toll roads in Chile in the sale process initiated early in 2008 by the current owner, Bancomext (a Mexican state-owned bank), in an international tender involving the leading companies in this sector.

This is Global Vía's first acquisition in the Americas. In addition to the assets' high potential once they are privately managed, this acquisition places Global Vía as one of the leading infrastructure operators in the region and gives it a springboard from which to attain a strong market share in the process of infrastructure tenders due to commence in Chile within the next few months.

The two roads are expected to generate 82 million euro in revenues and 42 million euro in EBITDA by 2009. Both concessions have guaranteed minimum revenues.

SCADA, which is 218 km. long, connects Santiago with Los Vilos (north of Santiago). It carries an average of 35,414 vehicles per day and is part of the PanAmerican Highway, the country's main road backbone, which passes through most of Chile's largest cities. SCADA has three toll plazas, 40 bridges, 30 intersections and a 300-metre tunnel.
SCADI, which is 89 km. long, connects Concepción and Chillán, carrying an average of 7,280 vehicles per day. It has six intersections, one toll plaza on the main highway and two on access roads, 45 overpasses and a 240-metre bridge.

With these two roads, Global Vía now ranks as the world's fifth-largest infrastructure operator, with 40 concessions in Europe and the Americas.  In America, it has toll roads in Mexico and Costa Rica.

In addition to creating shareholder value, the acquisition provides Global Vía with references in toll road operation and maintenance that it can leverage to strengthen its position in Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica and move into the USA in the future.