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The FCC Group's Portfolio of Services Exceeds 1.5 Billion Pesetas.


The FCC Group's Portfolio of Services Exceeds 1.5 Billion Pesetas.

Full-service management of Avila's water network and city maintenance in Albacete are among the group's most recent contracts in Spain.

The FCC Group's portfolio of services increased by more than 50,000 million pesetas in the month of October and now exceeds 1.5 billion pesetas. Its most noteworthy new business includes contracts for the full-service maangement of Avila's water network and a contract to provide street cleaning and trash removal in Albacete.

This portfolio represents an increase of 40% over the same date last year and marks a historical record for the Group according to Rafael Montes, FCC Vice President and the person in charge of services.

The Group's affiliate, Sogesur, has been awarded a contract to manage the city of Avila's water for the next 13 years. This will amount to an initial annual turnover of 500 million pesetas (3 million euros), for a total contract amount of 6,500 million pesetas (more than 39 million euros).

The FCC Group serves a population of 6 million inhabitants in the supply of drinking water and more than 9 million in wastewater treatment. Its market share of private water networks in Spain is more than 30%.

On the urban maintenance front, the Town of Albacete has decided to extend FCC's trash collection and city maintenance contract for five more years, which means that the contract will expire in the year 2009.

This extension represents an increase of more than 5% in annual revenues to a total of 1,194 million pesetas. The total revenues generated over the entire contract term amount to 5,970 million pesetas (35.8 million euros).

In the are of urban maintenance - trash collection, removal and street cleaning - FCC occupies a leading position in Spain and Latin America, where it has contracts with the cities of Buenos Aires, Caracas and Santo Domingo, among other capitals.