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FCC volunteers receive 2010 Citizen Award


FCC volunteers receive 2010 Citizen Award

The "FCC Volunteers" social responsibility programme has been awarded the VIII "Citizen 2010" award by the Ciudadanos association, whose aim is to recognise people and institutions that devote time and resources to innovative projects and initiatives for support and solidarity with fellow citizens, that respond to citizens' needs, and which convey values and distinguishing features.
FCC volunteers receive 2010 Citizen Award

The jury, which was chaired by Professor Manual Núñez Encabo, underlined the close connection between FCC's volunteer programme and the objectives of the Esther Koplowitz Foundation, in particular the Foundation's retirement homes in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona that were built at the initiative of Ms Koplowitz. The award also recognises civil society actions to encourage solidarity with the most disadvantaged segments of society and to transmit positive values.

The FCC Volunteer programme, part of the group's corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, was implemented two years ago in order to establish a solidarity network comprising persons who work at FCC, a Citizen Services company, as well as their relatives and friends, who contribute their experience, knowledge and time to improve living standards and welfare of the most disadvantaged segments of society.

In the first phase of this programme, its goals were aligned with those of the Esther Koplowitz Foundation, which has been working for the disadvantaged for many years at the instance of its founder. The programme is an opportunity to raise awareness among co-workers and encourage them to participate in corporate citizenship projects, supporting the company's mission of creating value for society and contributing to people's welfare.

A website for volunteers will be launched in the coming weeks to offer information on scheduled events and to recruit more employees for the programme, which is now being expanded to cover all of Spain.

 The plan's objectives include providing as many FCC employees as possible with access to volunteer work in social action programmes; disseminating CSR and its meaning, implications and benefits throughout the company; and increasing employees' perception of belonging to a Citizen Services company, through cooperation between employees from different areas and different companies.

Esther Koplowitz Foundation

The FCC Volunteers programme operates at the "Nuestra Casa" retirement homes in Collado Villalba (Madrid) and Fort Pieç (Barcelona), and the home for people with physical and mental disabilities in Valencia.

The Esther Koplowitz Foundation delivered the "Nuestra Casa" home in Collado Villalba to the Madrid Regional Government in 2001. The facility houses 140 elderly people on a permanent basis and also offers 40 places in a day centre. Residents include patients with serious illnesses such as Alzheimer?s disease and arteriosclerosis and others in good health.

The Esther Koplowitz Foundation financed the construction and outfitting of its second centre, in Fort Pieç (Barcelona). The home, which has 137 residential places and another 30 day-centre places, was transferred to the Barcelona City Government in February 2003, in a ceremony at which the city was represented by its mayor, Joan Clos.

The La Nostra Casa home for people with physical and mental disabilities, located in Valencia, was transferred by the Foundation to Valencia City Government in 2004. It has 60 residential places and 40 day-centre places. Like its sister institutions in Madrid and Barcelona, the construction of the Valencia home arose from Esther Koplowitz's constant concern for this disadvantaged group of people.