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FCC: projects in Bulgaria worth 75 million euro


FCC: projects in Bulgaria worth 75 million euro

Bulgaria's Transport Ministry has awarded FCC Construcción a contract worth 75.1 million euro to build road and rail accesses to the Vidin-Calafat bridge over the River Danube.

The 16.3-kilometre rail link will consists of a single electrified line plus all the ancillary lighting, control, signalling and telecommunications facilities, a new international freight station, refurbishment of the existing passenger station, and construction of three new adjacent buildings.
The 6-km road access will consist of a two-lane dual carriageway, four interchanges and eight overpasses.

FCC is currently building the Vidin-Calafat bridge linking Bulgaria and Romania (budget: 116 million euro).
The bridge, which is part of Trans-European Corridor IV (Dresden-Istanbul), will measure 1,971 metres in length and was designed jointly by the Fernández Casado engineering firm and FCC Construcción's own engineers.
FCC's Austrian subsidiary, Alpine, was recently awarded a contract to build two water treatment plants in the Bulgarian cities of Sevlievo and Bourgas - Meden Rudnik. The project, which comprises planning, construction, outfitting and commissioning of the facilities, plus staff training, is worth approximately 15 million euro.
The Sevlievo facility, 200 km. north-east of Sofia, will supply water to about 53,000 people in that city and its hinterland. The Bourgas - Meden Rudnik facility, on the shores of the Black Sea, will process sewage from a population of approximately 56,800 people.