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The FCC Group will share its prospects for the future at Sondersland, the world's largest youth talent festival, which will take place on 17, 18 and 19 September in a new climate following the health crisis


The FCC Group will share its prospects for the future at Sondersland, the world's largest youth talent festival, which will take place on 17, 18 and 19 September in a new climate following the health crisis

FCC will be present at Sondersland, the largest young talent festival in the world, which will take place from 17 to 19 September. In the uncertain situation caused by the health crisis of 2020 and in what is seen as a time of great change, the event will adapt to the digital environment. By doing so, it will raise awareness, among thousands of people from every corner of the planet, of all those stories and trends that are motivated by the desire to transform the world and act on the need to build new perspectives for the new and uncertain social reality.

A wide range of speakers and international artists will enthusiastically share their experiences to help young people chart their own path to success.

As a leading company in the world, and with the presence of other leading companies, FCC will collaborate in the event with several Group ambassadors over the three days.

Pablo Colio, CEO of the FCC Group, will be part of FORUM, a unique event that will take place on Friday the 18th from 9:00, during the celebration of the festival. It is an event in which some of the most influential political, business and social leaders in Spain will participate, with the aim of jointly establishing the basis of a new strategy that will make Spanish talent and companies the leading players in the country’s future. It will do so in the initial part of the event, as part of the round table “Main challenges for the next decade, what we have learned from all this, challenges and opportunities in the world”. On behalf of the company, and along with other renowned figures in the business world, it will contribute to explaining the keys to Spain's new economic, social and geopolitical climate. 

The FCC Group will have the necessary tools to transmit its prior knowledge and future strategy by having a presence at various areas of the festival. The group's HR corporate director, Ana Benita and Aqualia's Europe director, Guillermo Moya, will be on stage as part of the established main programme, to give the Xperience FCC and Xperience Aqualia presentations on 18 and 19 September, respectively. 

Francisco Esteban Lefler, Technical Director of Technical Services at FCC Construcción, will do the same at Futurbe and David García, Communication and Marketing Manager at FCC Construcción, will help make the experience of this great online challenge more enriching, explaining FCC's social and sustainable responsibility in the construction of Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. This will be done through FCC Construcción LAB, which is a space that will encourage the public to interact and participate. They will be able to develop their skills through these workshops, exercises and practical sessions.

After the presentation at a press conference from the vice-president of the Community of Madrid on 6 July, Trivu, the organising entity, presented the new approach adopted for the presentations prepared by the speakers, which is the result of a clear and significant digital and cultural transformation. Despite the new concept of the festival as a virtual streaming event, Sondersland did not want to give up having a physical venue in Madrid and will set up its stage at Auditorio de La Nave, from which all presentations will take place. All participants will give their speeches in English, with simultaneous translation into Spanish. 

A look into the new future/Connect, activate and empower

FORUM will reflect on the rebuilding of Spain following the crisis caused by COVID-19. It will attempt to produce a new vision of the future in the face of a decade full of new challenges that have recently arisen for Spanish companies in the search for new strategies, although this does not entail less opportunities. The event, which will be opened by representatives of the Government of Spain, the Community of Madrid and the City Council, will focus on reflecting on three key areas when facing the revival of the country, where they will explain the role of Spain as a global leader in education, employment and entrepreneurship, as well as that of the media in the rebuilding of Spain's brand.