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FCC holds an innovation day organised by its Digital Innovation Lab, a space for sharing knowledge and developing ideas


FCC holds an innovation day organised by its Digital Innovation Lab, a space for sharing knowledge and developing ideas


  • The Digital Innovation Lab is an innovation catalyst and incubator whose mission it is to design impactful digital solutions serving business.
  • The initiative aims to make the FCC Group a benchmark in innovation and digitalization in citizen services



jornada de innovación impulsada por su Digital Innovation Lab

As a further show of its commitment to innovation as a strength and as one of the levers of value creation at the FCC Group, the Systems and Information Technology Division has just staged an Innovation Day organised by its Digital Innovation Lab (DI_Lab).

DI-lab is a think-tank that seeks to improve the efficiency of the company's processes through digital transformation, by delivering business value and improving agility in identifying and understanding current and future challenges in the digital realm.

The main aim of this initiative is to generate knowledge synergies in order to drive innovation, technology and digitalization and to implement solutions that are desirable, feasible and viable, thus enabling the adoption of innovative digital processes that solve challenges and, consequently, improve the company's products and services. A further aim is to promote an innovation ecosystem that is open to institutional players and external partners.

In recent years, digitalization has enveloped all areas, and the rapid expansion of these complex technologies requires businesses to do a better job at managing the opportunities for innovation that this new world offers us.

“It is essential to work in sync with the various business areas and, in particular, to collaborate with the R&D teams that have also been developing key initiatives in driving digital transformation at the respective areas and departments of the FCC Group,” remarks Manel Miranda, head of Innovation IT and Business Relations at the FCC Group.

This event aims to showcase initiatives based on virtual/augmented reality, process automation, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and the metaverse. It has also allowed us to show proofs of concept or important prototypes that will ultimately enable us to swiftly validate possible solutions to a specific challenge and spot failures much earlier than with traditional methodologies (“fail fast”).

Pilot tests have already been carried out at the FCC Group to use the metaverse in communication activities, event development, virtual meetings, and so forth. In the near future, the company hopes to extend these pilots to include additional areas of its business.