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FCC joins the circular economy


FCC joins the circular economy




The circular economy, although not a novel concept, has gained strength in recent years due to growing concern over the scarcity of resources and the generation of waste, a product of the current economic model.

The FCC Group, in its desire to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development, has designed a programme called the FCC Plan for a circular economy, as part of its 2020 Sustainability Master Plan. This plan defines three priority lines of action:

• A gap analysis to identify the alignment of the Group’s current activities with the European Union’s circular economy package.
• FCC’s positioning in the global circular economy model through a formal declaration.
• The definition of specific objectives for the reduction, reuse and recovery of outflows.

In addition, the company works across the board to improve internal knowledge of the circular economy, with the aim of keeping professionals abreast of regulatory developments and in the field of innovation. Considering that raising the awareness of employees will be one of the driving forces behind FCC’s cultural transformation towards a true circular economy.

The 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Master Plan reinforces the company’s environmental positioning and aligns itself with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Objectives through four axes: the circular economy, the fight against climate change, the response to water stress and the protection of biodiversity.

Efficient and responsible management of FCC waste is necessary to guarantee care for the environment.

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