More than a century building cities

The company initially operated in Catalonia, where it developed its expertise in the construction sector. When it was hired in 1911 to provide sewer cleaning and maintenance services in Barcelona the history of the company changed. At this point FCC became a pioneer in diversification.

The parent company, FCC Group, was born in 1992 from the merger of two companies: Construcciones y Contratas (1944) and Fomento de Obras y Construcciones (1900). Since then, we have worked to become a company that delivers quality services to citizens every day.


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  • The Grupo Carso consortium, in which FCC participates, winning bidder to build the new Mexico City airport terminal for 3,900 million euros.
  • The Almonte viaduct built by FCC, wins the prestigious Gustav Lindenthal medal.
  • FCC wins the bid for three new railway sections in Romania for 1.634 million euros.
  • FCC Medio Ambiente puts the first 100% electric heavy vehicle into service.
  • Successful finish to the process of renewing most of the financial debt of the FCC Group.
  • Aqualia successfully completes two bonds issues for 1,350 million euros.
  • FCC wins the contract to collect and treat all the residential and commercial wastes in the Texan city of Rowlett (USA) for 32.5 million euros.
  • Pablo Colio new Managing Director of FCC.
  • Signing of contract to build the  Abu Rawash treatment plant in Egypt.
  • FCC to provide cleaning and waste collection services in Bilbao and to attend to Mercabilbao for the next four years for 173 million euros.
  • The FCC Group to modernise and enlarge the Glina treatment plant in Bucharest (Romania) for 113 million euros.
  • FCC awarded the prize for the best recycling plant in the USA.
  • Aqualia buys back from Mltsul its 49% shareholding in SmVak, the company’s subsidiary in the Czech Republic.
  • FCC wins the contest to enlarge section I of the InterAmerican Highway (Panama) for 543 million euros.
  • FCC Medio Ambiente adjudicated the second re-usage plant in the United States.
  • FCC wins the contest to improve the “Los Chinamos - El Ayote” road in Nicaragua.
  • Aqualia chosen best company of the year in the water sector.
  • FCC receives the Cambio 16 prize as best company of the year.
  • FCC wins the contract to collect SUW, street cleaning and maintenance of green areas in Jaén for 143 million euros.