A company committed to improving the welfare of citizens

The FCC Group, with an accumulated experience of more than a century of history, is one of the first groups of citizen services of international reference, present in the sectors of environmental services, end-to-end water management, infrastructures, cement and real estate management. Diversifying our business has allowed us to offer a global service to citizens.

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Engagament with citizens

Diversifying our business has allowed us to offer a global service to citizens, covering from infrastructure development to the provision of environmental services and water to the community. We help to make sustainable cities. 

FCC approaches business management from the design and delivery of intelligent services to citizens. To this end, it has developed an extensive range of services that prioritise eco-efficiency.

Every day more than 64,000 FCC people around the world interact with citizens, trying to get a higher day-to-day sustainability. 

Together, we can create socially-integrated cities.

A balanced business model

FCC has four main lines of activity, these all relate to a balanced business model:
  • Environment - manages and treats domestic and industrial waste, it is also responsible for street cleaning and maintenance of parks and gardens, among other activities.
  • Water - operates under the brand Aqualia, it deals with the full water cycle, from the provision of supply to homes and businesses, to major infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure - the Group operates through FCC Construcción and Cementos Portland Valderrivas, the latter is a listed company and a leading producer of cement in Spain. FCC Construcción designs, develops and maintains infrastructure across the world.
  • The Real Estate area, made up of FCC Real Estate and REALIA Group, whose parent company is a listed company, has more than 30 years of experience and its corporate purpose is to promote and manage all kinds of real estate assets.
FCC Group has developed its business model based on profitability and long term sustainability, it is also a pioneer in ensuring that its works benefit local communities and help to improve the quality of life for all citizens.