FCC Construcción is an international leader

FCC Construcción is a world leader in its sector, with extensive experience accumulated over its 120 years of history. Its activities cover all areas of engineering and construction and it is a benchmark for civil works (roads, railways, airports, hydraulic and marine works, tunnels, bridges) and residential and non-residential building works such as hospitals, football stadiums, museums, offices, etc.

It also has proven experience in carrying out concession projects and, moreover, it has a group of companies working in the industrial and energy sectors, as well as other activities similar to construction.

FCC Construcción has a stable presence in the various countries where it operates either directly or through its local, subsidiary and investee companies. It operates in:

  • Europe: Spain, Spain, Romania, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Norway, France, Poland, Austria and Italy.
  • America: United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Panama, Brazil and Costa Rica.
  • Asia and Africa: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar.
  • Oceania: Australia.