Equality and diversity

At FCC, diversity and equality are the cornerstones of growth and social progress that shape our corporate philosophy. FCC ensures gender equality in the selection, training and remuneration of its staff and actively participates in initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of gender equality both within the company and externally.

Thanks to the application of equality and diversity policies, several Group companies have been awarded the "Equality in the Company" emblem. This seal is a mark of excellence that the Ministry of Health Equality confers on companies in recognition of exceptional work in developing gender equality policies in the workplace.

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female managers within FCC Group


Integrating people

FCC is firmly committed to integrating people with disabilities into the labour market to help social integration and personal development. The company works actively with specialist organizations that advise on recruiting and supporting people with disabilities or those at risk of social exclusion.

FCC is also a member of the network of “Business for a Society Free of Domestic Violence", which helps to build awareness and foster employment inclusion for the victims of domestic violence.