Ethics and integrity

Commitment to integrity, honesty and transparency

Two mechanisms are in place to ensure that our commitment to ethics and integrity is truly effective. One of these is the Code of Ethics and Conduct, standard senior inside FCC, which sets out the guidelines for conduct to be followed within the organisation. The other is the Whistleblowing Channel, which can be used to report any failure to comply with our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Conduct, standard senior of FCC, sets out guidelines for the conduct expected of our professionals in their actions and behaviour in ethical, social and environmental matters.

This includes issues relating to corruption and bribery. It also covers issues such as human rights, human capital development, occupational health and safety and environmental protection.

It applies in all the countries we work in, and covers all FCC's employees, managers, suppliers and contractors.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct also strengthens the corporate culture of the organisation, having been drawn up with the purpose of unifying and reinforcing the company's identity, culture and guidelines for conduct.

Go to our Code of Ethics and Conduct - English version (PDF)

Whistleblowing Channel

Everyone working at FCC is required to report any non-compliance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct. To enable people to do this, we have made a whistleblowing channel  available to all our employees in our corporate intranet and in a post office box.

This channel is a tool for reporting all infringements of the Code of Ethics and Conduct   in the workplace, anonymously and confidentially. As specified in the Code itself, the Internal Regulation of Conduct Monitoring Committee is responsible for addressing such incidents.

Responsibility in the event of incidents of workplace harassment or sexual abuse falls to the Human Resources and Media Division.

There are also specific procedures for dealing with financial and accounting irregularities. The Audit and Control Committee is responsible for assessing such cases.