FCC takes its experience and specialized technical equipment to the international market

The FCC Group is present in more than 29 countries, in whose markets we have obtained 45% of the revenues in the last year, guaranteeing the global expansion that we have seen as group that is over one hundred years old, but also the confidence in the possibilities of our domestic market.

FCC wins its first major contract abroad in 1979, the 640 km pipeline for coaxial cable of the Tripoli telephone network in Libya.FCC begins his international experience at the end of the 90  markets in which has grown in recent years are Latin America, USA and the Middle East. 


International backlog

FCC provides services in stable markets with independent legal systems, and in cities with a medium-high level of prosperity.

Global and local

In the medium-long term, FCC will be a more global and diversified citizen services company.

It is prepared to experience continuous growth and to establish a stable presence in the various markets where it operates.

The objective is to further develop the company's counter-cyclical business.