Real Estate Area: presentation and activities

The Real Estate area, made up of FCC Real Estate and REALIA Group, whose parent company is a listed company, has more than 30 years of experience and its corporate purpose is to promote and manage all kinds of real estate assets. 

We develop our activity in three main lines of business, either directly or through investee companies:

Property Business:

  • Office, Premise and Shopping Centre building lease and management.
  • Development and management of home rental projects.

Real Estate Development Business:

  • Development and sale of real estate products (mainly homes).

Land management:

  • Urban land management in different urban development stages.

Websites of the real estate area


  • A business model based on people's professional skills and a contract portfolio equivalent to almost five years of activity


    In 2023, the company’s turnover was 9,026,0 million euros, 47.5% of which came from international markets.

    FCC is an innovative company that delivers all of its services with a high degree of expertise and specialisation. Our differentiation is based on the use of advanced technologies and integrated range of products and services, enabling us to add value across all business areas.

    • Over 120 years of experience.
    • A Leader in environmental services, end-to-end water cycle management, infrastructure construction and development, associated material production and real estate management.
    • € 9,026,0   Mn billing  and EBITDA € 1.529,6.4 Mn in 2023.
    • More than 67,000 employees.
    • Operations in over 30 countries.
    • 44.6 % of revenues from international markets.
    • Offers diversified services.
    • High visibility income. 
    (Millions of euros) Dec. 23 Dec. 22 Chg. (%)
      Revenue  9,026.0    7,705.7   17.1%
      Gross Operating Profit (EBITDA)  1,529.6    1,311.4   16.6%
              EBITDA Margin     16.9%       17.0%  - 0.1 p.p
      Net Operating Profit (EBIT)     910.3       610.5   49.1%
      EBIT Margin     10.1%       7.9%     2.2 p.p
      Income attributable to the parent company      591.0      315.2   87.5%
      Equity   6,145.9   4,939.0   24.4%
      Net financial debt   3,100.1   3,192.7   -2.9%
      Backlog     41,620.8 40,273.8    3.3%