Solutions in all phases of the water cycle

Aqualia is the water management company owned by the citizen services group FCC (51%) and by the Australian ethical fund IFM Investors (49%).

Aqualia is the FCC parent company for water activity which provides solutions to the needs of public bodies, private companies and private clients, in all phases of the comprehensive water cycle and for all uses, whether human, agricultural or industrial.

The water management cycle covers everything from intake, purification, treatment and distribution of the waste water so that it can then be treated and returned to the natural environment in optimal conditions.

Aqualia is the leading private Spanish company in end-to-end water management in Spain, the fourth in Europe and the sixth worldwide, according to the latest ranking by the specialist publication Global Water Intelligence.

Aqualia provides service to 22,5 million users in 1,100 municipalities in 18 countries:Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Czechia , Romania, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Algeria, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia,Tunisia, Qatar and Omán.

The company has an extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of waste water treatment plants and drinking water treatment plants, running over 1000 facilities of this kind in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

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