Corporate governance

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Good governance and transparency

Our governance architecture and self-regulation help to reinforce a collective challenge: to ensure transparency and good governance throughout all of FCC's subsidiaries.

Our Board of Directors

The Unified Good Goverment Code of Listed Companies contains the highest international standards of corporate governance. Since this code came into effect, FCC has put a large number of these standards into place, to the point where around 90% of them have now been incorporated within our corporate governance.

The composition of the FCC Board of Directors is designed to reflect the principles of both structural representativeness and balance.

A culture based on integrity

We are determined to establish a culture of integrity within all our organisation's subsidiaries. We have done this through our commitment to our Code of Ethics.

People working for us in all the countries where we carry out any kind of activity are obliged to fulfil the provisions of our Code of Ethics, which has overarching responsibility for guiding our ethical, social and environmental conduct.