Fostering social and environmental progress


Through the Sustainability Policy, and based on its corporate culture, the FCC Group understands the value that its products and services contribute to society, and is committed to promoting the development and well-being of communities, materialising its commitment through a framework of initiatives that extend across the company.




Community development and social action measures


At FCC we contribute to the development of the communities in which we are present through our knowledge, linking social action, education and the strategy of the different businesses.

*                        Creation of direct and indirect employment thanks to the generation of jobs and the awarding of 97% of contracts to local suppliers.
*                         Signing of collaboration agreements with training centres.
*                          Development of educational programmes and carrying out theoretical and practical activities in the facilities.
*                        Participation in the socio-occupational integration of people with disabilities, women victims of gender violence, people with difficulties in accessing the labour market, families with limited resources and other groups.
*                 Solidarity actions aimed at the staff for their collaboration in caring for people and families in situations of vulnerability, such as campaigns to collect food, clothing or school material or to donate blood, among others.
*                          Financial resources allocated to sponsorships, non-profit organisations, foundations and sectoral associations.                  


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