Roadmap to a circular economy


For FCC, the circular economy is an opportunity to expand its contribution to sustainable development, while enabling the necessary adaptation and resilience to mitigate and adapt to climate change, resource scarcity and biodiversity loss.  The transition towards a circular model is part of the strategies of the different businesses of the FCC Group, as well as of their respective sustainability plans, in which the lines of work are formulated for:




Actions and commitments for a circular model


The FCC Group's commitment to the transition towards a circular model is evidenced by the adhesion of several business areas to the Pact for a Circular Economy, as well as by its participation in research projects, often within the framework of the European Union's LIFE Programme for financing environmental conservation projects.


In addition, the Group strives to apply the principles of circularity through actions that facilitate the transition, making efficient use of resources, recovering waste and increasing the useful life of materials.

*                       Reduction of the volume of waste destined for disposal, favouring recovery, reuse and recycling.
*                       Optimisation of processes, facilities and infrastructures to reduce waste generation and obtain by-products.
*                       Use of biofuels and other alternative fuels.
*                       Commitment to reuse and the use of recovered materials to avoid the extraction of resources.
*                       Obtaining energy and fuel during the processes.
*                       Use of easily recoverable materials and elements.
*                       Research for innovative solutions to promote the transition towards a circular economy.
*                       Awareness-raising and sensitisation actions.


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