Integrated management of water resources


Water is a fundamental resource, the scarcity of which has a direct impact on people's quality of life. Climate change directly affects the availability of water in many geographical areas, through the alteration of rainfall and the increased risk of drought, extending situations of water stress.

The FCC Group is positioned as an agent with a major impact on water management thanks to Aqualia, a business area specialised in the integrated management of water resources. Through its activity, it guarantees the optimisation of public and private water resources, managing and controlling all the phases that make up the integral water cycle.



Actions for responsible water use


Beyond Aqualia's own activity, the FCC Group promotes, through its different areas, the efficient use and management of water resources in its activities and provides solutions to reduce water stress in the areas in which it operates, guaranteeing compliance with territorial limits.

*                     Encouragement of the use of alternative sources to the water supply network, such as regenerated water, rainwater, etc.
*                      Recirculation of effluents.
*                      Preventive maintenance and improvement of facilities to optimise water use and avoid losses.
*                      Monitoring and control of consumption.
*                               Awareness and sensitisation actions.


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